Student Photos

Last year after huge amount of research and countless interviews and meetings EdTech Department decided to go with Keystone  from inResonance as our Student Information System. Today we can say with with confidence that none of the other SIS syetms would allow us to make changes we and administration wanted us to make and I believe none of the other companies would support us during implementation and still keep supporting so much with no other charges. They call us their partners, and we really appreciate this kind of treatment.

We came to the point when we started to work on report card structure and Billy Martin suggested to put student pictures on all report cards. We thought on hiring a professional photographer which would cost a lot of money and a lot of man hours to sort pictures later and place them in their places respectively with no mistakes. Another suggestion came from Billy M. to use iPad and some lighting equipment to take student pictures by ourselves directly into SIS system. We installed Filemaker Go 13 on a school iPad and logged in to our database. Lighting setup was done by Said H. from EdTech and Vusal O. from ICT with media room equipment we ordered before. And the actual photos was taken by our SIS Coordinator Nigar I. We want to thank Primary and Secondary Office for their help in this process! See some pictures of the process below:


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